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Highest quality exterior and interior signage. Founded by LEGO in 1963. Now supplied by CORE.


High quality weatherproof exterior signage systems

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Sophisticated and attractive interior signage systems

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Almost limitless options for creating your unique sign

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Exterior Signage

High quality weatherproof exterior signage systems. A range of exterior signage systems for panel and post signs, monolith signs and wayfinding panels. Modulex’s pre-engineered modular exterior signage systems address your organizations considerations from the outset, providing cost-effective solutions with a contemporary aesthetic suitable for any large-scale sign program

Pacific Exterior

  • Pacific Exterior brings form and function together by combining a large text field with several mounting options using a single base or a monolith.
  • Every sign has the clean lines of a piece of modern furniture, adding a unique touch of style to the area around your building.

Modulex Pacific Exterior


Pacific exterior range


Messenger Exterior

  • Messenger Exterior combines form, function and flexibility and its modular design allows you to add to your system easily.
  • Messenger Exterior can be combined with Messenger Interior to create a visually consistent system. that communicates your visual identity effectively.

Modulex Messenger Exterior


Messenger exterior range


Macer Exterior

  • Macer Exterior is a suitable sign system for both orientation and the presentation of visual identity.
  • Macer Exterior not only allows you to create signs of almost any shape and graphic content, it is developed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Modulex Macer Exterior


Macer exterior range


Compass Exterior

  • Compass Exterior is an outstanding exterior sign system with countless applications - meeting the highest standards of quality and functionality.
  • Compass Exterior works well in many applications, effectively identifying sites and outdoor areas and stylishly communicating a company’s visual identity.

Modulex Compass Exterior


Compass exterior range


Via Exterior

  • Via Exterior is a clear and simple solution for wayfinding with a focus on the detail and a high quality finish
  • Tempered glass fronts provide a surface for graphics and information with internal LED lighting illuminating the sign at night

Modulex Via Exterior


Via exterior range


Basic Exterior

  • Basic Exterior makes it possible to carry out projects with interesting graphic content on a budget.
  • Basic Exterior gives you the cost benefits of mass production and the reassurance that the system can be supplemented in the future without sacrificing creative freedom

Modulex Basic Exterior


Basic exterior range


Interior Signage

Sophisticated and attractive interior signage systems. A range of interior signage systems in flat, curved or custom configurations. With a focus on flexibility, sustainability and program extensibility, our modular interior signage products are well-suited to programs where scale, consistency and investment over the long-term are key.

Pacific Interior

  • The pure lines and compact appearance of the Pacific system allow it to blend into any environment and its comprehensive range provides a simple and attractive solution which will guide you throughout your journey.
  • The panels are modular and fully interchangeable which makes it an easy system to update.

Modulex Pacific Interior


Pacific interior range


Messenger Interior

  • Like all other Modulex sign systems, Messenger Interior is modular and designed for easy replacement and updating.
  • The Messenger system provides a wide range of different formats which can deal with any situation: wall signs, suspended signs, projecting signs and signs on posts.

Modulex Messenger Interior


Messenger interior range


Macer Interior

  • Macer Interior opens up new creative solutions with an innovative system which combines slim and elegant design with great functionality and full modularity.
  • The Macer Interior system consists of simple elements: a unique support and a panel made of glass, acrylic or aluminium

Modulex Macer Interior


Macer interior range


Infinity Interior

  • Infinity is the perfect solution for complex projects as you can connect panels together easily and extend and modify the system later if necessary.
  • Infinity offers unequalled flexibility in design and has all the advantages of a conventional modular system.

Modulex Infinity Interior


Infinity interior range


Via Interior

  • The Via signage system includes illuminated or non illuminated signage with flexible fixing systems adapting to building requirements
  • The Via signage system can easily be joined vertically or horizontally and it is easy to install, update and clean

Modulex Via Interior


Via interior range


Basic Interior

  • Basic Interior makes it possible to carry out projects with interesting graphic content on a budget.
  • Basic Interior gives you the cost benefits of mass production and the reassurance that the system can be supplemented in the future without sacrificing creative freedom

Modulex Basic Interior


Basic interior range


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Custom Signage

Almost limitless options for creating your unique sign. From wayfinding to brand expression, ensure that your custom signage makes the right statement with a customized solution. Allow our team of experts to bring your vision to life with one of our custom signage solutions, specifically engineered to enhance your branded environment.


  • Choose from a range of materials including, but not limited to standard, anodised or brushed aluminium, ACM, acrylic or glass


  • Choose custom shapes and signs that connect together or raised letters in a font and colour of your choice


  • Choose from a wide range of finishes including vinyl and direct print, textures such as wood and metallic, or tactile print with raised text or braille

To discuss your next requirement please call us on +44(0)845 299 6499

About Modulex

Created in 1963 by the World famous LEGO Group, Modulex is an industry leading signage product range. Made with leading-edge production methodology and unparalleled quality control.

Modulex have over 55 years commitment to design, quality and the environment. Their Code of Conduct is based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact covering human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Modulex were ISO9001 certified since 1991 and have a green diploma for their production processes.

CORE Signs & Graphics are part of the Modulex global network which has presence in more than 45 countries.

Modulex and CORE work in unison to supply customers with signage and graphics products that address any signage requirement, at any scale, anywhere.